Breakfast bites

Admittedly, breakfast tends to be my least balanced meal of the day. I like something hot and reasonably filling when I wake up, it’s just not a time of day when I generally enjoy fruit, vegetables or seeds. These are the breakfasts that work well for me.


Boiled egg and soldiers
P1020033 (500x337)

It’s a classic! I love a soft boiled egg or two, and I buy my bread from the fantastic Wheat Free Bakery Direct (this farmhouse loaf is lovely).


(The photo came out terribly, but I didn’t want you to miss out on seeing my awesome egg cup, bought for me by my mother-in-law.)
Breakfast Pancakes

This is more of a weekend breakfast as it takes a little more time to prepare; these pancakes are thicker Scotch-style pancakes and are great with butter, maple syrup or jam.

You can add sliced banana to the mixture to make a lovely, nutritious breakfast. Blueberries work well too. As does canned sweetcorn strangely.


Any leftover plain pancakes can be frozen and reheated in the toaster (they don’t keep well if you’ve added fruit etc – eat those ones fresh).
P1020004 (500x375)
  • 4oz Dove’s GF SR flour
  • 150ml lactose-free milk (I use Arla’s)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil and more for frying 
  • Mix the flour, milk, egg and oil until you have a smooth batter
  • Heat up a small amount of oil in a  frying pan (medium heat) and then add large spoonfuls of batter.
  • Heat until golden underneath, then flip and fry that side until golden 
Toast and peanut butter

This is the quickest of the breakfasts I have. Again, bread is always thanks to Wheat Free Bakery Direct, and I choose peanut butter over a topping like jam as the protein keeps you full for longer. I always buy peanut butter with no sugar added as think it tastes great without. I’ve tried some of the 100% peanut butters, but I think a bit of oil, salt and a touch of stabiliser really do work wonders, and the Sunpat one is my personal favourite.


P1020042 (347x500)
Bacon sarnies
Another classic breakfast – grilled bacon and lightly toasted bread with butter and a bit of ketchup.  Make sure any ketchup added is low FODMAP (‘flavourings’ can include onion and garlic – if in doubt, contact the manufacturer directly to check). I’ve used Tesco’s free from tomato ketchup which is fine, but the Tiptree one is really tasty.

(Heinz UK have recently confirmed that the ‘flavourings’ in their ketchup doesn’t include garlic or onion, but I understand the ketchup they sell elsewhere does.)



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