If you have any digestive symptoms, it’s important that you see your GP to eliminate any causes that require treatment.

If your diagnosis is IBS, and you are interested to see if this diet provides you with any relief, it’s recommended that you follow the diet under the guidance of a FODMAP trained dietician, to ensure you don’t miss out on vital nutrients.

Here are some links to websites, and groups I have found useful.


Monash Uni Low FODMAP App

The official app by Monash University which gives a clear explanation of the diet, recipe ideas and reliable and up to date info about which foods are okay and in what quantity. This was especially useful in the early days as I was getting to grips with which foods were okay as I could just quickly check the ingredients of a planned meal against it and adapt as necessary.


A Little Bit Yummy

This diet is explained fantastically clearly on this website, which is run by the lovely Alana Scott. It also has lots of really good recipes, several of which have become my new weekly favourites. I’d strongly recommend you head over here if you need some ideas to keep your meals interesting. Alana now offers a meal planning service too.


FODMAP UK Facebook Group

A really helpful and supportive group for anyone embarking upon this diet. Whether you need advice on products, recipe ideas or substitutes, or just a bit of support or a sympathetic ear, this group has it all!


Strands of My Life

Another comprehensive website full of reliable information and recipe ideas run by Suzanne Perazzini.  Suzanne also provides coaching and meal planning services. I’m certain that anyone struggling to get to grips with this diet or their symptoms and willing to put the effort in and make the changes needed, would really benefit from Suzanne’s guidance and support.






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