Bread and butter: In praise of the Wheat-Free Bakery Direct

Frankly, most gluten-free breads are grim, but a few years ago I discovered the Wheat Free Bakery Direct. Their breads are very good indeed...


Chocolate cake, igloos and poo

It wasn't intentional, but personally I like the imagery that the title of this thread conjures up. But if you're feeling a bit queasy, then please be assured there are no tales of a terrible dietary incident on a winter holiday...

Pork stew and veganism

Perhaps not a natural pairing of topics, but there is a link. However, if you just want to look at the recipe for pork stew (which is lovely), please feel free to skip the waffle and scroll straight to the bottom of the page.

Breakfast bites

Admittedly, breakfast tends to be my least balanced meal of the day. I like something hot and reasonably filling when I wake up, it's just not a time of day when I generally enjoy fruit, vegetables or seeds. These are the breakfasts that work well for me.

Lunch ideas: Soupy goodness

I love a nice bowl of soup, especially in colder weather (which is 10 months of the year in northern England), and it's a great way to get a variety of different vegetables into a light meal. Each time I make soup, I cook up a big pot and freeze what isn't eaten right away... Continue Reading →

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